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Friday, May 30, 2014

Company at Vastine's...Welcome, Connie Wood!

Happy Saturday morning, darlings! I was out of town—in beautiful, magical San Antonio—last weekend. I had a blast, a very relaxing, wonderful time there. But I sure did miss hanging out with friends here on the blog. 

Today a dear friend is visiting. She’s one of the most kind, genuine women I know. I tried to think just how I met her and I don’t really know because, to tell the truth, I feel like I’ve known her…well…always. To show you the power of friendship—yes, even internet—across the miles, she lives in New South Wales. But, sugars, she’s virtually close by with a kind word, a cheering word, a word of support, no matter the time zone differences. 

And, now, dolls, that I’ve embarrassed her, let me introduce you to a lovely woman and author, Connie Wood. 

And…psst…Connie just happens to be a talented author, so I sneaked in the titles of her books at the end of her visit and the buy links! 

So, good morning, Ms. Connie! The house is yours!

* * * *

Perfect Imperfections……

I heard a song yesterday, I’m not exactly sure of its title, but I will take a guess at Perfect Imperfections. It was such a beautiful song and as a people watcher and an author it really appealed to me on a very base level. 

So many books recently, hell, so many movies and ads and all popular media are portraying perfect looking people. Perfect stereotypes of both men and women and if they aren’t already perfect in the beginning then they go through a transformation and end up that way.
I love a good Cinderella story, a rags-to-riches, the ordinary girl/guy trumps them at the end kind of love story. I’m a sucker to see the underdog get what they truly deserve when the final chapter finally says happy ever after.

But in a lot of books I’ve been reading the happy ever after comes at the price of a total transformation of the hero or heroine. You know the story (and it’s one I must admit I love too) the sexy handsome hero overlooks the women who is perfect for him as she lingers close by, concealed day-by-day in her drab attire, glasses and harshly pulled back hair. Slowly he starts to notice all her charms and appeals and thus begins her transformation from the ‘ugly’ duckling to the beautiful swan. I’d love to see the hero loving the ‘perfect imperfections’. I’d love to see him fall in love with the duckling and for her to physically stay that way. I’d love to see her physically exactly the same at the end of the book as she was at the start, with the only difference…the major difference, is that the hero sees who she really is and they love each other all the way to their own happy ever after.

I’m writing a book at the moment where the heroine is a curvy, slightly drab, glasses wearing secretary and the hero is going to fall head over heels. And guess what? By the end of the book her physical appearance is going to be exactly the same. And he is going to love her just as much.
I have to admit, I’m also a sucker for the ‘perfect imperfections’ of a leading man. I can certainly appreciate a good looking, ‘typically’ handsome man, but give me an ‘imperfection’, something to latch onto. Something unconventional. We’ve all seen someone who isn’t ‘typically’ handsome, but there’s just something about them that literally oozes sexiness and you almost swoon.

I love the ‘perfect imperfections’ both physically and emotionally. There aren’t enough contradictions, the complexities of human nature. I know I’m complex enough to love you with all my heart, but at this very moment hate that you broke my heart and want to tear your head off. It doesn’t mean that I won’t be back to loving you again soon. It kind of sounds a little mentally unbalanced when I actually write it down, but I bet everyone’s felt it.

It’s the contradictions, the ‘perfect imperfections’ that makes life and books interesting. It’s the emotional and spiritual transformations that are most important in creating who we are. It’s embracing those imperfections and working with them, its noticing them in others and finally seeing them within ourselves that allows us to embrace and accept them. And once we finally accept them then love and our own happy ever after finally comes.

A huge thank you to the wonderful, and multi-talented Vastine for allowing me to guest on her blog today. It’s been a real honour and thank you to those who took the time to read it.
* * * *

Connie, thank you so much for sharing these thoughts! And I agree with you, 100%. It’s the flaws, the differences, that make us who we are. If only more folks grasped that and embraced their uniqueness. And I love, love, love the sound of your WIP! A real girl in a real world and a real man who sees the beauty in her. Cannot wait for this! Please keep us informed!

And, darlings, here are some of Ms. Wood’s titles!
“The Fallen Fae”

“Dark Moon”

“The Veteran”

“Dark Ice”


Jayden Brooks said...

Oh, I love that song! I've been listening to it repeatedly. It does appeal to me. To be accepted and loved just the way I am. Sure I can clean up and get my diva on, but I need to know I'm loved and accepted with dirty hair and wearing my pajama pants.

Fantastic post, I would love to read one of your books. And thank you to Vastine brining you to my attention.

Connie Wood said...

Hi Jayden,

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

I love that song too, it really made me think. To be accepted for who you are if the best kind of love.